Jeff Schewe is a photographer, Photoshop author
and educator 

Jeff Schewe

Jeff Schewe

Since he first started doing commercial work using Photoshop back in 1992, Jeff's input and influence on the development of Adobe Photoshop is undeniable, and his techniques and training have earned him the reputation as one of the world's most renown experts on Photoshop and digital imaging. 

Jeff's Photoshop's training career began in the early 1990's when he organized a workshop for photographers to learn Photoshop at the Center for Creative Imaging. 

Throughout the 1990’s Jeff did his own photography and imaging, which landed him work with an elite list of clients including: Budweiser, Miles Labs, Motorola, Fanny Mae, Head Shoes, Miller Beer, and AT&T among others. 

One of his most famous images, “Globe Hands," was done using Photoshop 2.5 (before layers), and the technique was demoed by Jeff at a Seybold Conference at about the time Adobe's own Photoshop architect, Mark Hamburg, was working on Photoshop 5’s History feature. It was Jeff's amazing demo that served as both inspiration, as well as the basis, for the development of the History feature found in Photoshop to this very day. 

Jeff has been a Photoshop Alpha tester for many years and has been credited in 5 different Photoshop Splash Screens. He frequently consults with Adobe's engineers on the development of Photoshop, and was influential in the evolution of Adobe's Lightroom raw-processing workflow tool for photographers. In fact, Adobe's Mark Hamburg once referred to an early version as "Schewe Paint."

Today Jeff splits his time between being the Editor-in-Chief of the popular Web site, presenting as one of the lead instructors on Epson's Print Academy Nationwide tour, and developing his own Photoshop plug-ins as part of Pixel Genius LLC, a company Jeff started with 5 other partners to develop software that would build on the functionality of Photoshop. 

Jeff designed PixelGenius' first product, PhotoKit, and worked with Photoshop Hall of Famer Bruce Fraser to produce PhotoKit Sharpener and with Photoshop author Martin Evening to produce PhotoKit Color.

Besides Jeff's work with Photoshop, Jeff is a graduate of Rochester Institute of Technology, who graduated with highest honors and a Bachelor of Science in Professional Photography. He is a past National President of the Advertising Photographers of America, and isalso a Canon Explorer of Light and an EpsonStylus Pro. 

Jeff continues to play a key role in both Photoshop's education and evolution, and that is why we honor him with his induction into the Photoshop Hall of Fame.

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Jeff on stage during his Hall of Fame acceptance speech.

Jeff on stage during his Hall of Fame acceptance speech.